About Nexta


Many years of R&D and recent university studies have lead to a scientific discovery that could cause us to completely re-evaluate the way we use leather. 

Our Vision

We have developed a special tanning formula endowing our leather products with innovative properties that facilitate consumer well-being and foot odor reduction. We are convinced that this breakthrough will be of tremendous value to all shoe manufacturers looking to perfect their shoes in a new way. 

Reasons to believe

It has been scientifically proven by leading Universities that Nexta has 3 important properties with direct consequences on feet wellness: 

1. Absorbent

Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, Nexta leather absorbs perspiration produced by the foot and turns the shoe into a dry environment, averse to bacterial growth (bacteria feed on the perspiration components > no perspiration  = no bacteria). 

2. Bacteria-fighter

The special tannins formula used in the production of Nexta leather makes it highly effective in fighting the bacterial activity. Nexta leather improves overall feet health and reduces the formation of unpleasant odors. 

3. Incubator Free

By eliminating 99% of the bacteria inhabiting the shoe, Nexta prevents the shoe from becoming a bacteria incubator: our feet will not be contaminated by bacteria every time we wear shoes and our skin will be preserved.

And properties that meet the challenges of tomorrow’s shoes:  

100% sustainable

Better light fastness


Harmless to humans

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer a new type of groundbreaking leather that can greatly impact the consumer’s perceived value of their footwear experience:

  • A scientifically proven solution
  • Made with 100% natural and sustainable components (metal free – no chrome)
  • That has long lasting effects when it comes to absorbing excess perspiration and preventing unpleasant shoe odor
  • That complies with market requirements of comfort, resistance, smoothness, sustainability, anti-allergenic
  • That, manufactured with green and clean processes, results in a fully  compostable material to be used in biological agriculture

Our Ambition

For many years, nobility, strength, beauty and hard-wearing have been the main reasons for the use of natural leather. Today’s discoveries push the footwear world forward and allow us to experience a new type of leather: Wellness Leather! 

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